गुर्जर चेतना समिति

प्रथम् स्वतंत्रता सेनानी राजा विजय सिंह गुर्जर भवन

Gurjar Society Brief History

Gurjars are an ancient society which has ruled over India for centuries and the last dynasty was Gurjars Pratihar dynasty which ruled from 8th to 10th century from Kannauj. Raja bhoj was one of the most prominent ruler of his time. During the rule of Gurjars, the invasion from west were minimal and the invaders were given a crushing defeat.

The community is also known as Gujjar, Gujar, Gojar, Gurjar and Veer Gurjar. The Gurjars are mainly settled in North India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The name of this caste also comes in the national anthem of Afghanistan. Due to the historical influence of Gurjars, many places in North India and Pakistan are named after the Gurjar caste, such as Gujarat State of India, Gujarat District and Gujranwala District of Pakistani Punjab, and Gurjar Khan City of Rawalpindi District.

According to Gurjar inscriptions, it is Suryavanshi and Raghuvanshi. Ancient great poet Rajasekhar has called Gurjaro as Raghukul-Tilak and Raghugramini. The artwork of Suryadev on the Gurjar inscriptions of 7th to 10th century also confirms their being Suryavanshi. Even today in Rajasthan, Gurjaro is reverently called 'Mihir', which means 'Sun'. According to some historians, the Gurjars were Aryan warriors from the Caucus region of Central Asia (now Armenia and Georgia).

According to Sanskrit scholars, Gurjar is a pure Sanskrit word meaning 'destroyer of enemy' meaning 'enemy destroyer' it happens. The ancient great poet Rajasekhar has addressed the Gurjar King Mahipal in his epic term as the Gurjar.


They believe that Gushur or Gurjar came to India as the winner because Gushur means 'high Kulin'. According to the history of Gurjar Empire, Bhinmal was the capital of the Gurjara Empire in the 5th century and it was founded by Gurjaro. The empire of Bharuch was also under Gurjaro. The Gurjars were in power in many places from 6th to 12th century.

The power of the Gurjar Pratihar dynasty from Kannauj to Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, It extended to Maharashtra and Gujarat. Mihirbhoj is considered to be the great ruler of the Gurjar Pratihar dynasty and he fought with the Pala dynasty of Bengal and the Rashtrakuta rulers of South India. After the 12th century, the Pratihar dynasty began to decline and they were divided into several parts. Arab invaders have praised the power and administration of Gurjaro in their records.

Historians say that till the Mughal period, almost the whole of Rajasthan and Gujarat were known as Gurjatra (a country protected by Gurjaro) or Gurjar-Bhumi. According to Arab writers, the Gurjars were their worst enemies and they have also said that if the Gurjars had not been there, they would have captured India before the 12th century. Even in the 18th century, Gurjaro had some small states. Gurjar king of Dadri, There were 133 villages under Dargahi Singh. The king of Meerut was Gurjar Nain Singh and had Parikshitgarh rebuilt. In the revolution of 1857, Gurjars and Muslim Rajputs proved to be the worst enemies of the British. Gurjars has also contributed significantly to the 1857 revolution. Kotwal Dhan Singh Gurjar was a martyr of the 1857 revolution.

Landhura State History

Landhaura state was a kingdom of north India, which was founded by a Hindu Gurjar Raja. When the area came under British occupation in 1803, it was ruled by Gurjar king Raja Ram Dayal Singh and "First Freedom Fighter" Raja Vijay Singh Gurjar. Their present descendant Kunwar Pranav Singh "Champion" is M.L.A. in Khanpur Constituency and is Former Cabinet Rank Minister in the State Government of Uttarakhand. Kranti Film is based on Landhaura Riyasat of Gurjars directed by Manoj Kumar.


Timli Place


Timli is a Village in Vikasnagar Tehsil in Dehradun District of Uttarakhand State, India. It is located 33km towards west from District head quarters Dehradun 14km from Vikasnagar 34km from State Capital Dehradun. Timli Pin code is 248142 and postal head office is Herbertpur Mednipur Badripur 4km, Jatowala 5km , Tiparpur 5km, Sabhawala 6km, Bairagiwala 7km are the nearby Villages to Timli. Timli is surrounded by Vikasnagar Tehsil towards North, Paonta Sahib Tehsil towards west, Kalsi Tehsil towards North, Sadauli Qadeem Tehsil towards South Dehradun, Mussoorie, Saharanpur, Jagadhri are the nearby cities to Timli. This Place is in the border of the Dehradun District and Sirmaur District. It is near the border of the state of Himachal Pradesh.